Get it done before the clap

3 May, 2020
Episode notes

Failing to read the country’s mood, we met up once again to talk about fitness, running and tech.

Nick has found a new dead format to worry about, Jon is putting it all on the plate, and we offer up a hot take on Zoom calls.

Remember, if you don’t use lockdown to learn a language, write that novel or work on your side hustle you’re probably just trying to keep going as best as you can in pretty testing circumstances and in all honestly that’s as worth clapping as anything else going on right now.

You’re doing great and we’re proud of you.

This week’s links:

  • Nick bought a Kano. It’s probably worth looking for on ebay as the novelty wears of fast.
  • Tbh the Kano is a Raspbery Pi with bells on, so maybe just get one of those and get the same benefit of a one hour diversion for the kids for a few quid… Nick could use this kit to make a speaker for his NFC cards. What a talking point that would be.
  • He also got a Yoto speaker which he swears is worth it.
  • Jon isn’t on Twitter except for when he does this.