26 April, 2020
Episode notes

Stay safe, keep well, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Charities are getting fewer funds right now and yet it feels like we’re being asked to help more and more so we’re sorry in advance for asking you to dig into your pockets, but here we are.

Thing is, if you’re still working right now you haven’t got anything to spend your money on so do have a think about doing what you can to help people who need it.

Here’s one thought.

If you had gone out to town drinking this weekend, and had to get a taxi back, how much would you have paid for a ride home without even thinking about it? That’s £10 or £20 you wouldn’t have missed but still have in your bank because of the ‘Rona. So why not chuck that money to a charity you think can make a difference? If you want, tell people about it, and ask them to do the same: #howmuchyouusuallypay

If you’re an absolute specimen, and therefore wouldn’t have been out boozing, maybe send your gym subs or race fee for something you’re not doing to charity instead.

If we were going to pick three charities how about:

  • Shelter: this is the regular Runner Pod charity, helping people access safe housing and lobbying for change in housing in the UK.
  • Brum Baby Bank: helping families access nappies, formula and baby food in Birmingham. Ask around, there’ll be a group like this round your ends.
  • Refuge: helping the victims of domestic abuse in the UK, which is an ever more acute issue during lockdown.

We know some of you are on furlough or out of work right now and we really feel for you. If you are one of the lucky ones mostly unaffected financially, please do your best to reach out to help folk in need.

However you’ve been affected by all of this keep running, keep cycling, keep exercising—it’s the one thing we’ve still got and it’s the one thing that will keep your head clear.

But most of all remember, there’s a cop watching you.

Take care friends,

Nick & Jon x