Re-Arranging the Shadow Furniture

23 April, 2020
Episode notes

Recorded as part of a mega-session a few days ago, while the Prime Minister’s health was still deterioating rather than merely his personality and competence (so we couldn’t be as rude about him as he likely deserves), we instead kept on topic (Labour) and tackled the meaning of the new Shadow Cabinet.

Interestingly, after “Who are the members of the Shadow Cabinent,” Google’s next assumed question is “What is the point of the shadow cabinet?”

Well, for us (and especially Jon) it gives us a chance to determine the future policy direction of the Labour Party. The choices made by Kier (were they his choices?) are revealing (or are they?). Listen and you will know.

From that, in just a few minutes of chat, we determine when, exactly, the planet will end. Give or take. And, of course, whether there is train-travelling future for Dianne Abbot or Richard Burgon.

Since we recorded…

  • It seems Ed Miliband is still podcasting, for now (discussed in the episode).
  • The part-time prime minister has been in ICU and is now out using convalescense as an excuse. No one has explained his lack of attention to detail before that date.
  • An RAF plane going to Turkey (or not) has taken up a lot of media coverage.