Leadership in 160 characters or less

19 February, 2020
Episode notes

It’s a trickly time in the Labour Leadership. It really seems to have the potential to drag on, but all the candidates have been ‘personally’ texting Adam, even getting their buddies to give him a call.

They don’t give a flying SMS about Jon though. Has his choice of Twitter icon spared him from a deluge of internal party marketing or does the keeper of the database simply not believe Jon has something as sophisticated as a cellular telephone. They are a bit capitalist, after all.

After a quick analysis of Adam’s inbox, we look at the campaign to destroy the BBC – is it a distraction from destroying the economy, the NHS, or an essential elimination of an evil part of the capitalist status quo.

Oh, and find out what happens if you lick the window of Tottenham Ikea.

Clever or Stupid: EU Associate Citizenship, as promoted by Sadiq Khan.