Bo selectorate

10 January, 2020
Episode notes

It’s always darkest before the dawn: a statement that is both factually untrue and unrepresentative of a January which seems to be dark inside and outside of the Labour party. Our tellys have gone dark too as there’s no point watching.

With Adam back in the tent pissing everywhere, and both being part of the selectorate for the leadership we propose that:

the labour leadership election is important not so much for the Labour Party, but for the wider social movement. Because a left-led Labour is by necessity the focus for action on social justice and climate change - both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary. (Jon)


that Keir Starmer is great. (Adam)

Yes, it’s a question of leadership, of the way forward and whether we can remember that Lisa Nandy exists.

Then we ask just what’s the point of having a deputy leader?

And also does the option of being in ‘the resistance’ still exist? And should it?