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30 October, 2019
Episode notes

Like Donkey Kong: the election.

Corbyn chose it (kinda) presumably because it was bad politics to lose the vote to Johnson for an election that was gonig to happen anyway.

Possible election outcomes in order of Adam’s fantasy:

  • Conservative overall majority ( = fairly hard deal-based brexit and slim chance of a no-deal in under a year? + sets up the ultimate battle: a Labour leadership election.

  • Similar Tory ‘mild win’ as before - more of the same…chaos

  • Labour somehow in pole polition to form minority / coalition of sane

  • Actual Labour win - how can this happen asks Ad? Students all over the shop, Labour (and especially Corbyn) far less popular with voters in general and remainers in paticular than in 2017. Is there any credibility left in the “Corbyn will pull something out of the hat” bullshit we keep hearing from the lefties (based on his losing in 2017 by less than anticipated)?

  • Liberal Democrat win (well, you’ve got to discuss it) - a piss diamond victory

Does the option of decent local press coverage still exist? Birmingham Live (Mail) mistook actions in a game Roblox for real life - and these people are meant to cover the WM Mayoral race?

Clever or Stupid? Jeremy Corbyn - he’s just made a big choice and it might well lead to humiliation & resignation (says Adam).