Introducing List Envy

9 August, 2019
Episode notes

This is a cross-post of a new podcast hosted by Mark Steadman, and featuring as its guest, Leopard panelist Jon Bounds.

We have news

We’re going to be releasing regular — although not super-frequent — compilation episodes, remixing our discussions on various topics from alcohol to religion and al points in-between.

Also, stay subscribed as we may well come back at some point for a handful of one-off episodes discussing the Hitchhiker’s TV show which is in the works.

List Envy

This is a new podcast in which Mark Steadman collaborates with a guest to build a definitive top-five list on a topic of their choosing. This episode is a Leopard subscriber exclusive as it won’t air to List Envy listeners for another few weeks, but we love you so much, we wanted you to hear it now.

You can subscribe to the show at